Bill Of Fare

Main dishes (until 10.15 p.m.) EUR:
Clear soup with noodles or shredded pancakes 3,00
Garlic-Creme-Soup with Croutons 4,20
Pea-soup with a "frankfurter" and bread 5,60
Roasted dumplings with bacon, eggs and green salad 9,60
Our bean-gulash (very spicy) with bread 9,60
Roasted potatoes Tyrolian style with sausage, fried egg and green salad 9,60
Ham-noodles Viennese style with green salad 9,60
Spaghetti "Bolognese" with meat/tomato-sauce 9,60
Penne "arrabiata" with tomato/basil/bacon/peppers sauce - spicy 9,60
Deep fried breaded turkey with potato- or green salad 12,20
The famous "Viennese Schnitzel" (pork) with potato salad 12,20
Cevapcici: lean veal, beef and pork, minced, with spicy Ajwar (made of garlic, eggplant, paprika & olive oil), mustard, ketchup, onions and fried potatoes 12,20
Vegetarian dishes:  
Spaghetti "Napoli" with tomato/basil sauce 9,60
Penne "arrabiata" with tomato/basil/peppers sauce - spicy 9,60
Penne "Gorgonzola" 9,60
Green-, Potato- or Mixed Salad 3,40
Large Salad with Egg and bread 7,80
Large Salad with Tuna Fish and bread 9,60
Fried Potatoes (sorry, no french fries) 3,40
Crépes with apricot or cranberry jam 5,20
Special Viennese Chocolate cake with sauce & whipped cream 5,20
Chocolate pancakes with whipped cream 6,40
Snacks: (from 7 p.m. until the bitter end)  
Cheese board with bread and butter 11,20
Mixed Plate - Ham, bacon, Salami, garnished, with bread and butter 11,20
Sandwich with Ham or Hungarian "Salami" - garnished 5,80
Sandwich with mildly smoked bacon 5,80
Sandwich with Egg spread 5,80
Spicy Toast with ham & cheese, onions and hot mustard 5,80
Ham & Cheese Toast 5,20
"Frankfurter" or "Debreziner"-Sausages with mustard and bread 5,20
"Klobasse"-Sausage with mustard, hot peppers and bread 5,20
- Supplement: horseradish 0,80
Sandwich with spicy cheese "Liptauer-style" 4,00
Sandwich with pork-drippings and onion 4,00
All taxes included