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- since 1972 -

November - December 2017

A-1010 Wien, Franz Josefskai 29
Tel.: (+43-1) 533 25 75
Management: Axel & Tilly Melhardt
Webmaster: Günter Weismann
A-1070 Wien Westbahnstr.27/89
Tel.: (+43-1) 523 03 99
Open from 7 p.m. - live-music from 9 p.m. on

The admission fee varies with the costs for the band from EUR 11,- to EUR 20,-. There is no presale of tickets and no reservations.

Since the 4th of march 1972 we present 6 days a week "live" jazz with international & local musicians in our 500 years-old cellar - hope to see You in Vienna soon.
Tilly, Julius & Axel Melhardt
Program November - December
Sat. 4.Nov.
Barbara Dennerlein The worldclass organ-star is one of the JAZZLAND-highlights since the 90-ties. This year she present the famous US-drummer Drori Mondlak. Barbara presents a wonderful collection of own works and standards from a century of swinging jazz. M
Mon. 6.Nov.
"Rising Star Serie"
Tuomo Uusitalo Trio
The piano-player from Finland is a star in New York jazz-scene – he performs with his regular friends:Miles Sloniker b, Itay Morchi dm A
Tue. 7.Nov.
Wed. 8.Nov.
Thu. 9.Nov.
Lew Tabackin The great sax-man from N.Y. - with Oliver Kent p, Milan Nikolic b, Mario Gonzi dm M
"Rising Star Serie"
A Band for Thelonious M.
Johannes Probst tp, Franz Oberthaler ts, Ryan Langer p, Christoph Petschina b, Walther Großrubatscher dm M
Sat.11.Nov. The Martini Band Ohrwalder tp, Grünzweig tb, Fuss & Harms sax, Wöss p, Spitzer g, Treml b everything Martin's & Walther Großrubatscher dm S
"Rising Star Serie"
Leopold Libal Concert Jazz Bigband
A swinging journey through the Bigband story S
Scott Hamilton The great tenor-saxophonist from the USA with Markus Gaudriot Quartett (M.G. p., Martin Spitzer g, Karol Hodas b, Walther Großrubatscher dm) S
"Rising Star Serie"
Audrey Martells
She wrote lyrics and songs for many top-stars between Pop and Jazz – this is her first european tour with our piano-export (to New York) Walter Fischbacher p & Petr Dvorsky b, Ulf Stricker dm M
Roland Batik Trio From Haydn to Peterson via Gulda to Brahms and on to Herbie Hancock - the musical journey of R.B. goes through all musical worlds - perfectly accompanied by Heinrich Werkl b and Walter Grassmann dm M
Thu.23.Nov. Roman Schwaller
meets the Matyas Gayer Trio
The master of the tenor-sax and praised teacher with M.G. p, Matyas Hofecker b, Xaver Hellmeier dm M
Fri.24.Nov. Affäre Dreyfuss Hard Bop with Dominik tp, Florian as and Martin ts Fuss & Max Tschida p, Hans Strasser b, Mario Gonzi dm M
Sat.25.Nov. Original Storyville Jazzband New-Orleans-Jazz with Franz Luttenberger tp, Andreas Mittermayer tb, Herbert Swoboda cl, Matyas Bartha p, Udo Ehmsen bjo, Hans Bichler b, Gerd Stächelin dm T
"Rising Star Serie"
Dagmar Ehmsen & Friends
A musical journey from New Orleans to New York and via Paris and Vienna back to Lower-Austria T
Carole Alston The singing actress made Vienna her new home and travels with Markus Gaudriot p, Karol Hodas b, Walther Großrubatscher dm from blues to be-bop – and back… S
Thu.30.Nov. Thomas Faulhammer Quartett A great sax-player with a wonderful Trio: Aaron Wonesch p, Peter Gruber b & Lukas Knöfler dm M
Fri. 1.Dec.
"Rising Star Serie"
Worry Later
It could not be better: Daniel Nösig tp, Thomas Kugi ts, Oliver Kent p, Uli Langthaler b, Dusan Novakov dm M
Sat. 2.Dec. Burgundy Street Jazzband Revival jazz in the style of Bunk Johnson & George Lewis T
Mon. 4.Dec. Marianne Mendt Nachwuchsförderung Great talents & Kugi – Kent – Langthaler – Gonzi S
Tue. 5.Dec.
"Rising Star Serie"
Ray Aichinger & Mattias Nilsson
An international All-Star Band: Ray A. sax (Aut), Mattias N. p (Sverige), Pista Bartus b (SK), Martin Kleibl dm (CZ) M
Wed. 6.Dec.
"Rising Star Serie"
Oravec – Wiesinger Five
Two great guests: the Serbian pianist Irina Pavlovic and Lukas Oravec tp from Slovakia with Bernhard Wiesinger ts, Karol Hodas b, Joris Dudli dm M
Thu. 7.Dec. Red Hot Pods This band played the first concert at the JAZZLAND in March 1972 T
Fri. 8.Dec. Riverside Stompers In the style of Chicago's "Lincoln's Garden" 1923 T
Sat. 9.Dec. Project Two
feat. Susan Rigvava-Dumas
Heinz Czadek's Mini Bigband – W. Fend, L. Hartl tp; B. Dodge tb, M. Balasch, N. Afentulidis sax; E. Schmidt p, Ch. Petschina b, F. Ozmec dmand the terrific Austro-Dutch musical singer M
Mon.11.Dec. Caoba The Latin jazz band of the absolute special class L
Tue.12.Dec. Paul Fields Trio Paul with his violin & Martin Spitzer g, Harald Putz b S
Mojo Blues Band Since 40 years one of the very best Blues-Band in Europe B
Thomas Gansch
Remembering Art Farmer
Thomas presents pre-Christmas grandiose music from all directions – this time he will pay tribute respectfully to his great idol Art Farmer - he brings his long-time saxophone partner Florian Trübsbach from Cologne and presents members of the Art-Farmer Quintet – the bassist Paulo Cardoso and his native grandees Oliver Kent p and Mario Gonzi dm. On top of that comes on the 15th & 16th ts-master HARRY SOKAL, who was on stage for decades alongside Art… M
Sat.23.Dec. Barrelhouse Jazzband Since three decades THE swinging christmas-session in Vienna - Franz Luttenberger tp, Heinz Czadek tb, Siegi Diettrich cl, Humbert Augustynowicz p, Peter Bauer b, Horst Bichler dm. T
We take a very short christmas-break - Happy Holidays and all the best!!!
Tue.26.Dec. Big Joe's New Orleans Jazzband Gospel, Spirituals and Classic-Jazz T
Wed.27.Dec. Herbert Swoboda Quintett The Swing-Combo in the spirit of Benny Goodman S
Marianne Mendt La MM present swinging jazz with a viennese touch with an exzellent band: Daniel Nösig tp, Johannes Herrlich tb, Thomas Kugi ts, Oliver Kent p, Uli Langthaler b, Mario Gonzi dm S
Closed – "Happy New Year!"
We see each other again from Tue.2. till Fri.6.1. with Hans Theessink (B)
B = Blues&Boogie  T = Traditional Jazz  S = Swing  M = Modern Jazz  L = Latin  F = Folk  K = Musikkabarett  A = Avantgarde